AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES seen by its founder : Eddy Camara-Merzoug

Some wonder who is behind AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES, others may not. Here is finally the opportunity to put a name on this label. Sitting cross-legged, sure of himself, it is with sincerity and assurance that Eddy Camara Merzoug gives himself and gives us his vision of fashion. “Who is Eddy Camara Merzoug? I was born in […]

Sibylle Godot : A committed scarves designer

Sibylle Godot, founder of Armance & Apolline, talks about her career, her desire to create and her love for fabrics and design. Vosgesian birth and Parisian adoption, her line of scarves is in tune with the times, with different inspirations. All unique and singular, they are labelled “Made in Paris”. An eco-friendly brand and a […]

Elisabeth Davila, jewellery designer : « La vida » from Mexico to Paris

Elisabeth Davila: « La Vida » from Mexico to Paris. Fresh, smiling and sunny, Elisabeth Davila is a French-Mexican jewellery designer. More than just creations, jewellery is for her a way to express herself and to convey messages. Determined and ambitious, she chose AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES because it matches the branding she was looking for. ” Introduce yourself […]

Olivia Berthelot or the avant-garde of the kimono

Olivia Berthelot or the avant-garde of the kimono Olivia Berthelot, the founder of Tremblepierre, is an artist at heart. Traveling between Paris and Beirut, she finds inspiration in what surrounds her. It was at her workshop that we met. During this interview, we learned, that she worked for major brands, where the name came from […]

Laëtitia Piffeteau : poetry through jewellery

Laëtitia Piffeteau: poetry through jewellery. At her house, where her studio is located, we had the opportunity to meet Laëtitia Piffeteau. Fresh, smiling and very kind, jewels are for her a real passion. That’s why she decided to make it her job. Its eponymous brand, 2 years old, does not fail to make itself known […]

WHAT IS ANTAGONY ? unisex clothing

What is Antagony? Antagony, founded by the sweet and bubbly Mylène Rosnel, was born a few years ago and has been evolving ever since. Between inspirations and way of thinking, she knew how to give Antagony an identity of her own while remaining in tune with the times. Unisex collections with minimalist and Japanese looks […]