Elisabeth Davila, jewellery designer : « La vida » from Mexico to Paris

Elisabeth Davila: « La Vida » from Mexico to Paris.

Fresh, smiling and sunny, Elisabeth Davila is a French-Mexican jewellery designer.
More than just creations, jewellery is for her a way to express herself and to convey messages. Determined and ambitious, she chose AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES because it matches the branding she was looking for.

” Introduce yourself in a few words.

I would say that I am a curious and creative person. I like movement, change. I do not like monotony.

Your inspiration is traditional Mexican art, do you have others?

Yes. I take inspiration in art in general but also in music. David Bowie and Patty Smith are my favourites.
My first collection is called “homecoming”, they are inspirations of my country. I try to make universal symbols because I speak of my jewels as minimalist and conceptual pieces because I want to say something through my jewels.

How would you define your style?

I really like the rock style, I have always loved it since childhood. I made a collection with leather. I would say that I am a combination of a minimalist and powerful jewel with a rock side.

Do you wear your creations?

Yes, every day. Since I started creating jewellery I wear them. Even if I wear others, I always assemble them with mine because they are timeless creations that can be worn either in summer or winter. They are not jewels worn a season and we forget about it.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I think my most representative pieces are the headlines. I really like wearing them. I put them almost every day. I like that my coins are accumulating. I try to make fun jewels, to wear solo or in accumulation.

Why not make jewellery for men?

I have that in my head. My idea now is to have three different sizes for different models like the “Duality” ring that I wear. I have already sold it to men and I think for example that this model is unisex. Maybe it will be a future collection.

Why did you give these names to your creations?

Davila is my last name, which I use more in France. If we change the letters “Davila” becomes “La Vida” (life) and for me that’s it, it’s a little bit my life.
For my jewels, there is this conceptual part. For my first collection “Back to the sources” which starts from the symbol of my country. “Duality” because I like the lines and because we, ourselves live in the duality between good and evil, day and night. I try to give names to my pieces that allow not only one piece but also a concept.
The ring “We are all connected” was created when I had my first child, it’s really a piece that talks about this concept that I have in mind. I want to give a story, to talk a little more beyond the jewel. When a concept pleases me, I like to develop it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It’s a very good question (laughs). Ten years ago, if I had been told that I would be in France I would not have believed it. It’s been 10 years since I started creating silver jewellery, 10 years later I created my brand and in 10 years I would like my brand to evolve. For me finally, the goal of creating a jewel is to wear it yes in 10 years I would like all women in the world to wear my jewellery.
And further develop the concept of this type of jewel that is both conceptual and minimalist and conscientious. I think of working jewellery that makes us think a little more. Do not only have an aesthetic but also spiritual impact. I had the idea to put in jewellery words that make us think, remind us of things that we know, that we know but that remind us.

Why did you choose AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES to represent your brand?

I loved it since the first time I saw the concept, not focusing on one continent. We tend to talk a lot about the know-how, I try to work with French craftsmen such as a jeweller who works for Cartier and local Mexican artisans. I try not to put myself in a box, not to create only a type of jewel. The mix of jewels and clothes and the fact of making combinations attracted me a lot. AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES make things look different and that’s what I liked. ”

Interview by Apolline PRULHIERE.

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