Les lunettes de soleil, entre mode et engagement

Sunglasses, between fashion and commitment

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Fashionable models are changing, some are timeless, but eyewear always complements our style. The story of sunglasses is not as closely linked to the history of scientific discoveries and of protection against the sun’s rays as one might think…No, it has much more to do with fashion! So, where do these glasses that we are wearing are coming from?

A (not so) brief history of sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around since prehistoric times. Not in the form we all know, of course. Historically, Inuit populations were the first to develop a form of eye protection. They used masks made of ivory to protect themselves from the reflection of light on the great snowy expanses. In those days, there was no glass: their « glasses » left two thin openings for the eyes. Throughout history, there are many forms of “sunglasses”: it is said that the emperor Nero used to enjoy watching the gladiatorial fights in the arena through emeralds.

To protect yourself from the sun, or perhaps to increase the fun! In China, in the 12th century, the idea of using stones to protect oneself from the sun was also developed. Rose quartz was used to make glasses with tinted lenses. Centuries before Johnny Depp’s famous sunglasses. Ultraviolet rays were discovered in the 18th century. But not by a scientist, strictly speaking: by an optician. The Englishman James Ayscough was researching the color of glasses and their influence on sight. This is how he discovered, in 1752, the existence of ultraviolet rays and the manner of filtering them. However, it is only in the 20th century that sunglasses really appeared on our noses, to never come off

Aviators were the first to adopt these light-filtering glasses.

Protecting their eyes while flying is an absolute necessity. The large aviation glasses were succeeded by light models created by Giuseppe Ratti, the founder of the famous Persol brand.A couple of years later, in 1936, the researcher Edwin Herbert Land created the polarizing filter. His research had a considerable influence on photography. The RayBan brand immediately used this invention to offer its famous polarized glasses. This was the birth of sunglasses as we all know it today: an essential fashion accessory.

Wearing glasses became popular in the 1940s with Hollywood stars, musicians and public figures. In the 1960s, most of the mythical models were born. They were displayed on famous noses, all over newspapers and magazines. Hollywood actresses wore Cateye models, and RayBan created its first signature models: Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator are still among the most popular models today.Sunglasses have become a statement, a way of affirming something through fashion. They are an accessory in their own right, which not only completes a look, but also sometimes gives it its own cachet. That’s why choosing sunglasses is a careful decision.

Sunglasses demand quality work

Over the years, the manufacture of sunglasses has become increasingly sophisticated. As we have seen, UV filters are added to the lenses, which are produced in new ways, offering more clarity. As a result, the lenses are thinner and the glasses become lighter. The frames are also a real work of style and material. Metal ensures the strength and durability of a pair of glasses. But metal is relatively heavy and is often preferred to plastic, which is lighter. Technological developments now make it possible to create strong, light and durable eyewear, using new manufacturing methods and materials. Carbon fibre, acetate, titanium, and other materials with unusual names such as optyl, elastomer, polyamide… The list is endless!

Environmental responsibility has a strong influence in the fashion industry – which is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. Eyewear is an essential fashion accessory, but it must also be
eco-friendly. This is why recycled materials are in vogue, as is the utilization of natural materials. Especially wood!
Lunettes de soleil de la marque Wood Light

Focus on Wood Light

The AÉ label celebrates the Wood Light sunglasses brand, which perfectly combines environmental awareness with a timeless sense of style. The frames are made from wood, to transform our favorite accessories into sustainable and respectful products. Handmade with love, these are light and comfortable sunglasses. You even forget that you have them on your nose!

The brand is committed to reinterpreting the great classics. Some shapes have become fashion legends, and wearing them is a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. By giving a new life to timeless shapes, Wood Light gives a definitely haute-couture style to the ecological approach. There is something for everyone. The brand even offers customizable frames, to be unique in every way. Timeless, durable and unique, this is the perfect combination to add that all-important final touch to your style.

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