David Dutrinius works in Fashion industry, as ladies product responsible, in an international retail company. In the same time, he is also illustrator for children's books for a famous french publishing house. His 5 years at École des Beaux-Arts, his open mind, his caribbean roots, tha fact that he lived in Nice, then in Paris, all this obviously built the identity of his major work: in fact, he is specialized in making dolls with etthnic inspiration, around african culture.Dolls, or we could say, characters from the universe of fashion, danse and voodoo. His characters are in 3D ( plaster, fabric, feather, soil...), but we can also appreciate his drawings on canvas, paper.... David is as his work a complete universe. AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES does not like using words as "must have" when we are talking about fashion, style, but in this particular case, we want to say that the work of David Dutrinius is a "Must Know". Entering his world is making your senses travel.

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