The phantasmagorical poetry of Imminent Fantasma’s unisex jewelry.

Bijou de la Créatrice de mode Imminent Fantasma - Label AÉ Paris

Handcrafted jewelry using two technologies that are the antithesis of time

Trained at the Ecole Boulle, the Parisian Pauline Bernard, founder of Imminent Fantasma, learned the art and technology of jewelry making. After a rich and stimulating career, Pauline founded her studio and decided to use two fascinating techniques, one dating from 6000 years ago and the other completely contemporary: 3D printing and lost wax casting.The AÉ label is delighted to highlight this young designer who has mastered the skills, one thousands of years old and the other, very contemporary. The lost wax casting technique would have been used to make a

copper amulet, discovered during archaeological missions in Mehrgarh, Pakistan. 3D printing was imagined in the 1960s by the SF writer Arthur C. Clarke, who described it as a “replicating machine” capable of reproducing objects in the same way as books were printed. The first patent for additive manufacturing was filed in 1984 by three French engineers. And since then, the perspectives have continued to grow. The manufacturing process is as follows: Pauline Bernard “fantasises” and designs her jewelry in Paris, before sending the 3D modeled design to her Belgian workshop. Then follows the digital printing of the model, the making of the mould, the casting of the chosen material, the gilding and the polishing. At each stage, Pauline’s “fantasy” jewel is examined for exceptional quality and resistance.

Our craftswoman and jewelry maker has a wealth of experience, from the Place Vendôme where she did her internship, to the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, through collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Antoine Fontaine or Pia Viewing, on fashion shows and stage designs. Discover these jewels which are veritable poems, drawing a mutant language of silver, gold or vermeil and materializing symbolic feelings, the whole, in an environmentally responsible case.

The ultimate custom-made luxury jewelry item, to be given as a gift without any fantasies!

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