The brooch is back! We suggfest you to wear it on a coat, a knitted waist or open blazer, while you wear no earrings, no collar. This brooch belongs to the Galatée items (collar and cuff)

You may receive your brooch after 3-4 working days in continental France

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Broche – Galatée



Vintage look gold-plated brass brooch

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Conseils d'entretien

BRONZE or BRASS GOLDEN FINISHED 24 CARATS : it's preferable to store your jewelry individually protected from moisture. Avoid contact with water, cosmetics and household products. Clean the gold plated with a small sponge impregnated with water in which you will have dissolved a little bit washing up liquid or Marseille soap. Rinse and place on a clean towel and wipe with a soft cloth. SILVER STERLING : Put some toothpaste on a cloth moistened with water, scrub softly, rinse, wipe a soft cloth.


Your brooch is made of gold-plated brass (24 carat)