Unique double irregular ring with organic shape, Thalie. It is at the same time ethnical and chic : a kind of renewed basic. You may wear it single or by two, with the adjustable ring Nésée (en gras avec lien vers cette même bague) so as to create Éphyra set. In sterling silver or gold-plated bronze 3 micron

To receive this double irregular ring, consider a delivery time of 5-6 weeks in continental France

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Double irregular ring – Thalie



Double irregular handmade ring with organic shape: the renewed basic

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Conseils d'entretien

To clean your double irregular ring, gently rub the surface with a soft rag, soaked in white vinegar or special brass or copper cleaner.


The double irregular ring Thalie exists in 2 versions. One in Sterling silver and the other one is gold-plated bronze 3 micron. The pin and the closing system are in sterling silver