Silver or gold-plated brass Nadja ring ; Eye pattern (open and closed) on moving part ; Handmade on order

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Argent 925, Laiton plaqué or 14k

Nadja ring



Argent 925Laiton plaqué or 14k

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"Each Nina.Nanas piece of jewellery is carefully handcrafted in Canada, in our Montreal studio. To prevent scratching, tarnishing and to preserve your jewellery’s original state, we recommend that you gently wipe each silver and brass piece with a soft cloth as often as possible and be extremely careful with plated jewellery. Be careful to protect your jewelry from cosmetics, household products, seawater or sweat as it may accelerate tarnishing and fade plating. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, leave it in an individual box or pouch and store all chains flat and closed, to prevent tangling. We use sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, gold, brass and gold plated brass. All our chains and earring findings are made from sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver. Only pins findings are in steel.


Sterling silver and gold-plated brass